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"Attitude is everything! You have to let people self-discover what holds them back so they can let it go."
— Forrest Cottrell
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What we do.

We help people and organizations demonstrate positive values, not just talk about them. We value people and affirm them to develop their self-esteem, confidence, and to fulfill their fullest potential.

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Our mission.

People will learn skills that develop their automatic behaviors to increase productivity in their personal and professional lives. We want organizations to realize that their people are their greatest asset and then act like it! They then help their people self-discover their fullest potential through our developmental processes, behavior changing systems, and professional assessments.

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Are you leading by example?


Learn how to become a better coach.


How is your communication with customers?

Goal Realization

Do you have set goals and a plan to accomplish them?


What makes a successful salesperson?

Customer Service

Learn to enrich the customer experience.

How we do it.
Our Programs.

V.A.L.U.E.S. Training focuses on creating behavior change by providing activities, through timed repetition and a structured process, to develop new skills and habits. Our programs provide an initial seminar, follow-up sessions, and creative material to support the learning process.
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Benefits of V.A.L.U.E.S Training.

These training programs provide a basic communication structure for the entire organization, using a systematic and seamless process. This process will enhance a customer-focused environment while providing a common message, a standard language, and a structured modality for communication, actions, and activities. The training is customized to focus on the organization’s values and mission.
  • Improve productivity
  • Better communication
  • Increase motivation
  • Build trust internally & externally
  • Create goals and a plan of action
  • Improve company moral

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If you are unsure about which programs you need for your team, click the link below to take our self evaluation test and find out. If you have any questions don't hesitate to give us a call.
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What our clients have to say.

Values Coaching and the tools and techniques that Forrest brought to our team have been invaluable! The lines of communication have improved at all levels of management and a common understanding of goals and expectations has resulted.
Utilizing the tools Forrest has introduced has allowed me to better understand how each team member thinks and what drives them. How else can we manage so many different personalities, and move toward a common goal?”
Craig Dewar, Director of Sales - Nobel Biocare, Canada
"These principles have given me more confidence in approaching customers/buyers and demonstrating the value of our products and services."
International Financial Services Company

"I feel the course has helped me realize that it’s not all about getting a deposit, but establishing a relationship with the customer by addressing their needs."

Helping leaders develop their vision whether
in a dental practice or corporation.

The great companies we have helped.

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