Goal Realization

WHAT IS GOAL REALIZATION?The program not only provides a process for setting goals, but also helps people understand why they don't achieve their goals; what holds them back. This is a self-discovery process that lets participants self-assess their personal strengths and build upon them while also building self-esteem and confidence.

Participants become self-aware of their ethical perspective and how their values play a role in the goals they set and achieve. They learn how to stretch themselves from the paradigm they have built for themselves, to get out of their comfort zone and into the area that they have always had the potential to achieve, but never the courage or know-how to pursue. They learn how the adversity they have been challenged with in the past is the exercise that will make them better employees, better community citizens, and better family members.

Key program components include:
  • Specific coaching on individual, as well as team or organization goals
  • Self evaluations that provide direction for improvement
  • Training that increases retention of successful team members

WHAT SETS THE GOAL REALIZATION PROGRAM APART?Goal Realization builds confidence by building self image and self esteem without false pride or vanity. The program also teaches coaches or leaders how to inspire through affirmation. This starts with a unique communication process called "Communicating with Values."

WHAT PEOPLE LEARNIn addition to the six-step Goal Realization Process, all participants learn:
  • How to set, track, and follow through on plans to achieve goals
  • How to self discover what holds them back
  • How to overcome Adversity
  • How their Values impact their goals
  • How to achieve their full potential
  • How to improve their quality of life

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