WHY TRAIN?Want more from your employees?

As the year unfolds, organizations have two choices:
  1. Keep doing what they have been doing and expect the same results
  2. Or, try something different and expect better results.

If you are going to keep doing the same things, what are the consequences?
If you are expecting better results, what are the rewards?

Ask yourself if your employees are performing at 100% of their potential. Most would say no. In fact, in a survey done by the Gallop Organization, companies said that only 28% of their employees were fully engaged in their work and only 8% were exceeding standards while a surprising 41% were performing below standards.

If you are willing to invest in your people, and most are, then invest in training that does more than just improve skills. Invest in training that helps change the perceptions and attitudes that limit performance and also improves skills.

We offer nine different training programs that will enable your organization to “kick it” into high gear!

WHY V.A.L.U.E.S TRAINING©?What sets the VALUES Training© Programs apart?

Success requires more than knowledge. It also involves attitudes, values, and beliefs.

In sports, many teams dominate week- to-week only to lose to a team that should not have beaten them. The 2008 Superbowl is an example. The Patriots were undefeated and had already beaten the Giants. So, was it knowledge and skill that prevailed? Or, was it attitudes, perspectives, and beliefs?

VALUES Training© helps people evaluate their perspectives that cause conflict, stress, and/or stifled productivity. When all of these are in alignment, internal motivation increases, and people are unleashed to reach their unlimited potential.

VALUES Training© provides you with a seamless communication process. For instance, by providing your company with V.A.L.U.E.S. Selling© and V.A.L.U.E.S. Customer Service©, your sales and customer service people will be more productive because they have a common process or method of communication. They have a common set of rules and can hold each other accountable for how they treat each other and the customer. The process will help create a culture of understanding and trust. Managers love it because the process is easily coached and monitored. Staff and salespeople love it because it is based on honoring and valuing people. All programs are customized to your company and industry.

Helping leaders develop their vision whether
in a dental practice or corporation.

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